About Us
UFP Consultants

Our Company History

UFP Consultants was established in 2008, born out of the public water sector need for high level specialist and technical expertise in understanding the developmental, institutional, regulatory and engineering construction frameworks for the equitable, efficient and sustainable delivery of water services to meet national policy objectives.

We are a dynamic company specialising in strategic planning, implementation and evaluation for equitable, efficient, and sustainable water service delivery. Our success is founded on our own long experience in the water sector and, our ability to access and mobilize associated and related specialist expertise for the construction, implementation, management and evaluation of water service delivery projects.

Our expertise lies in the technical knowledge of water engineering and the intergovernmental institutional arrangements governing municipalities in their interface with related national and provincial departments and parastatal enterprises.

Julian Daniels who heads up the functional components of UFP Consultants is also the founder and Managing Director, driving and ensuring “out of the box”, practical, effective and more importantly feasible solutions to the myriad of water challenges faced daily by water users across South Africa and Internationally.

UFP ensures long term sustainability of water service delivery of clients through skills and knowledge transfer to key personnel. We also focus on monitoring and evaluating to ensure that all projects are completed in a manner that achieves intended policy objectives.

We are committed to working with the national Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) in accelerating the effective implementation of Water Demand Management policy objectives and practices.

To date since our inception in March 2008, UFP has successfully implemented, managed and completed several high level and diverse water infrastructure projects. The project outcomes have significantly influenced the policy decision-making processes of the Western Cape Province Department of Water Affairs (DWA) in its engagements with the Cape Town Metro and other local municipalities.

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Core Values

  • The UFP philosophy is informed by the principles of ubuntu (I am because you are) and batho pele (service delivery with understanding, empathy and compassion).

    To this end we provide effective training and capacity building and improved service delivery; we work within the framework of the extended public works programme (EPWP); we promote awareness building around scarce water resources and, the need for efficient management of water demand and water conservation.
  • Focus on high quality services provision
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Strict compliance with water design criteria, best practices criteria and related regulations
  • Constant re-engineering of processes
  • Upholding the ethical codes and standards governing the civil engineering profession
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills development

What we do

Urban water design

Advanced pressure management

analysis, design and implantation

Water supply optimisation

creation of smaller DMA’s

Water conservation


Water demand management

development of appropriate strategies and the operalisation of the same

Contracts management


Leak detection & the associated operational tasks

to effectively deal with water wastage

NRW (Non-Revenue Water) assessments

and applicable solutions to reduce losses and optimise financial management

Sewerage network design & optimisation


Development of WSDP’s


Skills development

and transfers in water sector (sewerage and water) and training

Service delivery evaluations


Our Executive Team

Julian Daniels

Cliff Swart