UFP Consultants
Water Specialists


Our expertise lies in its technical knowledge of water engineering and the intergovernmental institutional arrangements governing municipalities in their interface with related national and provincial departments and parastatal enterprises.

WSDP Development and Implementation

The Water Services Development Plan is a legal and constitutional requirement of each and every Water Services Authority within South African in accordance with the Water Services Act section 12 & 13.

Its primary purposes is to put in place a strategic and business plan process that will and can address core water issues, redress inequalities of water distribution, ensure sustainability and efficiency and ensure sustainable financial/customer care.

UFP have been at the forefront of the development of numerous WSDP’s for a number of MLC’s. More importantly UFP has operationalised a number of WSDP’s across the Western Cape.

Advanced Pressure Management

The extent of leaking infrastructure is directly proportional to the operating pressures within the network. The higher the pressures the greater the leaks. Advanced pressured management incorporates the creation of smaller measured DMA’s (District Metered Areas) and the constant monitoring and adjusting of operation pressures in an effort to reduce leaks. Enhance the lifespan and the pipe network and infrastructure and ensure pressures at the Critical Point within the DMA in maintained in terms of the Client Charter of the MLC.

Advanced Pressure Management is by no means a simple task and herein lies our expertise and professionalism. UFP have spearheaded APM projects for the Department Water Affairs and City of Cape Town.

Strategic Support and Training

Transferring of skills to various municipalities is a key deliverable of the Department of Water Affairs, and a passion of all those employed and operating under the UFP banner.

UFP have a wealth of experience and expertise to tap into and share with relevant departments. Training of individuals from within an organisations where any form of water intervention is taking place is fundamental to the sustainability of the service delivered, and therefor forms an integrated part of our project deliverables.

Demand Side Management (DMS)

Population growth and rapid urbanisation is directly proportional to an increase in water demand and therefor requires a more intergraded approach to the supply side management of water. In actual fact, Demand Side Management must be integrated with supply management in order to ensure an efficient and sustainable water use environment.

UFP have been at the forefront of water conservation within Southern Africa and more specifically in the Western Cape. UFP are held in high regard with the Department of Water Affairs and have as a result were appointed to develop and produce water conservation and water demand strategies for numerous Western Cape municipalities.

Contracts Management

Projects and contracts within the water industry are becoming more and complex whilst at the same time the private and public (governmental organisations) are finding themselves under more pressure to reduce costs drastically and improve operational performance and financial management.

UFP have the expertise to manage contracts of varying nature, size and complexity within the Water Industry, from its conception through to inception (actualisation) undertaking and find handover to the client.

Water Infrastructure Design for both Urban and Rural Environments

Optimisation and expansion of existing water infrastructures within an established urban environment presents many a challenge (supply management) and must incorporate the principles of water conservation and water demand.

In the rural environment, this is no different, though one has the challenge of remoteness.

UFP draws its experience from within the WSA (Water Services Authority) where more than 50 years (collectively) was spent on the design, optimisation and implementation of water supply projects.